This multi-media installation reflects stories that women told me during my doctoral research in Germany and England. These stories are about personal experiences with the relationship between people and technologies in the area of biomedicine. For the most part, the women describe their experiences as existential. It is this feeling of an existential experience on the basis of a medical intervention that is addressed in the ‘All about Women’ installation. The production and realisation of the project took place in four countries as a means of moving the stories and opening them up in different cultural contexts.

The components of the installation are: a life-size female torso made of light metal, colour digital images and an audio recording. The production of the torso took place at the Cyprus College of Art in cooperation with the Limassol Studios in Cyprus. The digital macro images, which were projected onto the free-hanging torso during the installation, originated in England and Germany. Brief excerpts of the stories that women recounted were read aloud by American women and recorded. This reading and recording of the stories by women on another continent underlined the global character of biomedical research.