The installation ‘time translation’ was produced in 2008 following a request to create a piece on ‘time’. For ‘time translation’ I visited members of my family and browsed through old photo albums with them, digitally re-photographing some of the photos. Most of the people who were shown on the black and white photos I have perhaps only heard of as of yet. Hence I had to rely on my family’s ability to remember and name the persons who are pictured. Interestingly, it was mostly stories that are remembered as being shared in the families for many years which managed to bring back the memory of names. In ‘time translation’ I reverse the process by arranging the re-photographed images on the floor and building an ice cube sculpture on top of this photographic mosaic. As the ice cubes melt on the photographs the images change colour and become blurry; they also melt, as do stories when not narrated. After a few hours some of the photographs stick to the floor, others have turned into colour images, looking yellow and pink, and yet others have taken on ‘movement’ having become wavy.