Since 2009, the artist has been working under the name of Aimée Xenou; her academic activities, however, take place under the name of Ninette Rothmüller. She is spending this winter at the Nes artist residency in Skagaströnd in north western Iceland, where she is developing and conducting participatory art projects within the community and doing site-specific sculptural work. During the summer of 2010, Aimée accepted an invitation and conducted site-specific work at the artist residency Denniston Hill in up-state New York, US. The installation 'surnager' is one of the outcomes of her stay there. Aimée spent the spring term 2010 as a visiting artist at the Department of Art - Studio at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, US. The performative installation ‘Transatlantic Transformations’ accompanied her journey to the US and was part of events in Germany (January 2010), Iceland (January 2010), the US (March 2010) and Canada (August 2010). The artist was previously a visiting artist at the Cyprus College of Art in Limassol (now located in Larnaca) in 2004 and Lempa in 2005. She has been an invited speaker at art/science interface events such as the Unnatural Selection Darwin Summer Symposium in Shrewsbury, UK in 2006. Her teaching portfolio includes courses in the field of site-specific art work involving a variety of materials. Furthermore she teaches on the tensions of the relationality of art and economics; feminist art history, art and the body; and the art/science interface. Aimée will be pleased to provide a full CV including her list of publications upon request by e-mail.

Selected Awards

12. 2010 – 02.
2011 NES Artist Residency Stipend for Community Engagement through Art, Iceland.

01. 2010 – 06.
2010 Networking Stipend, International Office, University of Osnabrück, Germany.

10. 2005 – 12. 2005 Maria Goeppert Meyer Programme, Teaching Award, Ministry of Education, Germany.

Selected Exhibitions

October 2010, ‘Framadi Heimavöllur’, EMK Gallery, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
Participatory installation. Conceptualization and production by Aimée Xenou. Materials: silk, hair, sugar, desert sand, sound, light, chalk, paint, nails, wood. The installation included the changing of the set up through one live performative intervention by Aimée Xenou.

2010, ‘Surnager’, Deniston Hill Artist Residency, up-state New York, US. Site-specific installation. Conceptualization and production by Aimée Xenou. Materials: nylon, string, metal.

January 2010, ‘Transatlantic Transformations II’, Gallery KlingogBang, Reykjavik, Iceland. Performative installation. C
onceptualization, production and touring of Transatlantic Transformations I-IV in 2010 by Aimée Xenou. Materials: bronze, ice, sand, paper, ink, wood, flax, salt, nails. Installation components: Performances in collaboration with a changing team of co-performers, live sound (voices and custom-made ice instruments), narrations in French, German, Icelandic and English.

Selected Presentations and Publications

September 2010, in press, invited contribution to the anthology ‘Der intersektionelle Raum. Geschlechterforschung und Medienkunst an den Achsen der Ungleichheit einer Stadt’ (The Intersectional Space. Gender Studies and Media Art on the Axes of a City's Inequalities). Chapter Title: Art and Science Interwoven.

April 2010, Invited guest lecturer, Department of Sociology, Doctoral Programme and Disability Studies Programme. City University of New York, New York, US, Lecture title: ‘Bodies Travelling Biomedicine and Art.’

February 2010, Invited guest lecturer, Race, Gender and Science, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US, Lecture title: ‘Bodies’ of Knowledge, Bodies in Art.’

February 2010, Invited guest lecturer. Introduction to Women’s Studies. The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia. Lecture title: ‘Fragmentations: Visuals, Reproductive Politics and Biomedicine.’

Selected Teaching Positions

Since 01. 2009 Sessional Lecturer in the Department of Cultural and Communication Management, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, Germany. Courses: Fall term 2011: Art Meets the World. Art, Society and the Politics at Stake. Fall term 2010: Cultural Studies, Focus: Soundscapes, Technologies of Vision, Media, and Cyber Art.

Since 10. 2010 Sessional Lecturer, Edith Maryon School of Art, Department of Sculpture Art, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Course: Spring Term 2011: The World is my Studio: Site-Specific Art. To be conducted with Bachelor and Master Students in locations in Germany and France.

PhD Thesis

Women, Biomedical Research and Art – A Relationality in Tension (Working Title), to be defended in 2011.