The outdoor performance ‘your icelandic’ took place in the north of Iceland during the winter of 2010/2011. For the duration of a day more than 110 inhabitants of Skagaströnd taught Aimée one Icelandic word each, handing her over to the next participant once she was able to understand the meaning of the word that was explained to her in Icelandic. Being handed over to people on the other side of the bay (Skagströnd is ‘divided’ into two parts by the bay) frequently, Aimée walked great distances and learned the words that participants chose to teach her. These words very often stood in to a certain degree for the spaces in which Aimée and the participants were interacting. For example, the words for fan belt, tax card, or biology are examples of words that Aimée was taught in the local car garage, the tax office and the marine biology research institute respectively. The route that Aimée walked during the performance maps connections between different sites of social interaction in Skagaströnd. Not allowing herself to talk English during the performance ‘locked’ Aimée into the position of being the one who has to learn, handing the role of the one who knows over to participants in the project. This project led to the production of a short movie in which an Icelandic sign language interpreter signs the words that Aimée learned. This movie played during Aimée’s solo show in Skagaströnd. Visitors received a list of all of the words that Aimée learned and were asked to number these words in the order that they are signed in the movie.