5 minute interactive video loop

There are no trees in Iceland. The short movie ‘Vöxtur’ brings images of a blooming magnolia tree together with Icelandic poetry. As a sculptor I often work from ‘raw’ materials when developing a form. In shooting the movie, I wanted to disable technical functions that are offered by the HD camcorder and put the camcorder into a situation in which the automatic focusing function of the camera as well as clear sound recording would be disabled. Hence ‘Vöxtur’ (Icelandic for growth) is shot on a stormy day, with branches being shaken and the wind causing difficulties for the sound recording. As camera functions struggle I am provided with the ‘raw’ imaginary from which to work. ‘Vöxtur’ is shown on a thin almost transparent screen that fills width and height of the room in which the screening takes place. The screen is cut and paste together of irregularly-shaped pieces of silk paper, working towards a greater distortion of the images; yet this screen also provides a spatial ordering as the cut and paste and layered pieces of silk paper are always cut in straight lines, rather than organic shapes. In this setting it is possible for audience members to interact with the image; for example by walking behind the screen. This allows the person behind the screen to see images being projected on his or her body, but also allows for audience members in front of the screen to see the image projected more clearly on the shape of the body behind the screen; the body interrupts the translucency of the screen and provides a solid base for the image to appear upon. A second screen built the same way as the first one lays on the floor of the viewing room and provides yet another layer of seeing as reflections from the hanging screen are reflected as coloured shadows onto the floor. This way, I push the two dimensional images that were taken into a three dimensional space.