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2 minute video loop

The movie ‘dancers’ is an outcome of my cooperation with dancers at the Five Colleges area in Massachusetts. Dancers, as much as sculptors, are concerned with ‘mapping’, impacting on space and shaping space. In this production I bring the work of dancers together with my sculptural work by projecting the film showing the single dancers performing spins onto a wooden staircase. Within the film, the dancers are alternately screened ‘upside down’ or ‘right side up’ onto the stairs. The
stairs as a screening surface impact both in an orderly, as well as a distorting, manner on the images, as the images of the smooth fast spins are ‘rhythmed’ by the architectural form of the steps as well as the volume of the staircase as such. Visitors walking up the stairs interact with the images as the body of the person walking up the stairs gradually becomes the surface on which to the see the spinning dancers, sometimes expanding over the whole body length of the person walking up or down the stairs.