In ‘Mapping Sites’, which is to take place in the summer of 2011, sculptor Aimée Xenou and designer Nora Rabins will travel along a geographical route that is created by the participating audience on a daily basis during the two week long performance. For two weeks Aimée and Nora will travel from private home to private home where they will be hosted for the night. Challenging notions of spaces of art production, as well as the sites in which art is traditionally exhibited and the actors that are involved in the production process of an art object, each day a sculpture will be produced together with participants in the home where Aimée and Nora are being hosted. The sculptures will consist of objects that were collected along the road while travelling between homes. Hence, the objects that are collected become markers of the geographical space between the hosts and their social relationality. While the art will reside at the sites in which it is produced, each day Aimée and Nora will be informed about where to travel next by their host. Being handed over as ‘tools’, rather than acting as the main authors of the art that is produced or deciding on where to produce and exhibit the art, Aimée and Nora co-produce each subsequent art piece on a growing map of an art series thereby connecting private spaces through their involvement in processes of art production.

In parallel with the travels, a gallery space located in the US town in which Aimée and Nora first met will document the project in the form of an installation that is added to daily by the travelling artists. This will provide a means of reconnecting themselves via various media during the trip, even as they ‘travel away’ from the gallery space.